Cleveland Browns makes clear their Plan To Workout Veteran 38-year-old Quarterback amid recent injury crisis…

The Cleveland Browns find themselves in need of a third quarterback after Deshaun Watson’s season-ending shoulder injury, and the first move to address this comes in the form of a workout with Joe Flacco. Reports indicate that Flacco is the sole quarterback in Berea for workouts, highlighting a serious interest in adding the veteran to the team.

Flacco’s career has seen its highs and lows, notably winning the Super Bowl in 2013 with the Baltimore Ravens, where he also earned Super Bowl MVP honors. Currently a free agent, Flacco’s most recent stint was with the New York Jets, whom he played for in the last three seasons.

His extensive career includes a year with the Denver Broncos and a brief period with the Philadelphia Eagles, but the majority of his 11-season tenure was with the Ravens.

Throughout his career, Flacco has started 180 games, boasting a 99-81 record. He holds a career completion percentage of 61.6%, having thrown for 42,320 yards and 232 touchdowns. In 2022 with the Jets, Flacco started in four games, appearing in five, completing 110 of 191 passes for 1,051 yards and five touchdowns.

The Browns are likely attracted to Flacco’s seasoned experience, especially considering his notable performance in Week 2 of 2022, where he orchestrated a comeback victory over the Browns with 26-44 for 307 yards and four touchdowns. Flacco’s familiarity with the stadium could be a factor in the team’s interest.

Given his experience, the Browns anticipate that Flacco can efficiently operate their offense, potentially providing valuable guidance compared to the current quarterbacks on the roster.

There’s optimism for a late-season impact similar to Jacoby Brissett’s performance last season. Fans are encouraged to follow updates from the OBR for any official signing announcements, and a link to the Cooler thread on the topic is provided for further information.

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