“Terrified” :37-year-old star drops a fascinating comment about Brighton’s Head Coach as he reacts to Controversial Penalty at the County Ground…

De Zerbi’s Fiery Temper: From Passionate Speeches to Dressing Room Outbursts

Since taking the reins at Brighton & Hove Albion, Roberto De Zerbi has garnered widespread admiration for his transformative impact on the club. Building upon the solid foundation laid by Graham Potter, De Zerbi has elevated Brighton’s reputation, attracting the likes of Ansu Fati, albeit on loan.

De Zerbi’s outspoken nature extends beyond the public domain, as revealed by former Ascoli goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano in an interview with Il Pallone Gonfiato. Viviano vividly recalls an incident at Sassuolo where De Zerbi’s fiery temperament erupted in the dressing room over a controversial penalty decision.

“During Sassuolo-SPAL, De Zerbi was on edge due to a series of contentious VAR decisions in the preceding weeks. One penalty was overturned against us, and another was awarded to Fiorentina. These decisions sparked a week-long controversy, which culminated in a dubious penalty against us in the Sassuolo match,” Viviano recounted.

“Immediately after the game, I entered the Sassuolo dressing room. De Zerbi was in a state of fury, tearing off his jacket and hurling his shirt at the sporting director. He unleashed a verbal tirade against his entire staff, who remained silent throughout the outburst. At one point, I attempted to calm him down, but he retorted with a heated response,” Viviano continued.

“The intensity of his reaction was astonishing, especially considering the cause – a dubious penalty that stemmed from a week of controversy. What shocked me most was the fear his staff held towards him. They remained paralyzed, unable to utter a single word in response to his outburst.”

De Zerbi’s passionate approach has undoubtedly been a driving force behind Brighton’s recent success. Since taking charge in early September 2022, he has guided the club to 26 wins, 12 draws, and 18 losses in 56 Premier League matches. They currently sit in eighth position after 12 games, having recently drawn 1-1 at home against Sheffield United. Their next challenge will be an away encounter against Nottingham Forest at the City Ground.

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