Judd Trump finally breaks silence on fine form, harsh judgement, the world champion and nobody caring…

Judd Trump is relishing the return of ultimate belief and confidence in his game, having secured three consecutive tournament victories in October. Despite facing criticism for what he considers a mere “bad spell,” Trump views his recent achievements, including the English Open title, as one of his career highlights.

The 34-year-old, now with 26 ranking titles, dismisses notions of a significant decline, emphasizing his consistent performance and downplaying the perceived struggles during quieter seasons.

He believes comparisons with older players skew perceptions of his success. Reflecting on Luca Brecel’s post-World Championship struggles, Trump advises the Belgian to prioritize practice for sustained excellence.

Despite acknowledging the challenges of a packed schedule, Trump, while advocating for changes, recognizes the futility of complaining and hopes for improvements in tournament spacing.

Commenting on Shaun Murphy’s experiment with multiple cues, Trump expresses skepticism, suggesting it won’t last long and questioning the motivations behind such a unconventional approach.

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