“It’s unbelievable’ :Sky Sports Pundit and Forest Legend Martin O’Neill slams at Forest’s man as he claims Forest fans were wrong about the 26-year-old star…

Nottingham Forest legend Martin O’Neill has one again taken aim at the football club, with Joao Carvalho in his sights this time. The man who won two European Cups as a player at Forest is   extremely bitter over his 19-game tenure as the club’s manager.

Carvalho was a £15 million player that O’Neill didn’t take to at all. He played him a handful of times but very rarely started him; preferring defensive midfielders instead of players with attacking intent.

O’Neill has now had another rant towards Forest. It’s really quite sad how all of this is turning out between the club legend and the football club but he was determined to have a say on TalkSPORT yesterday.

Forest legend O’Neill takes another swipe at Carvalho

O’Neill joins Jim White and Simon Jordan every Monday morning to discuss the weekend’s big football stories. This week one of the topics was regarding player power and it reminded O’Neill of some of the suggestions that were made during his time at Forest.


Carvalho was one player who fans often called for under O’Neill’s tenure at Forest. He didn’t back down, however, and largely refused to play him, taking a stubborn stance over the Portuguese player.

O’Neill said live on TalkSPORT: “We had a player there that Marinakis supposedly paid £15 million for. A lad called Carvalho. Nice little football but he’d get you the sack. He played a number of games, one really good game for us and one and the rest he was poor.

“The crowd had taken to him though. His name you could get a good ring to it with it being Carvalho. I’d like to know where Carvalho is playing now. He’s playing at Olympiacos as the general sub, he’s been out on two or three loans. Sorry, I don’t get it.”

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