Joshua Dobbs issues a stunning statement as he speaks on Vikings win against Saints from Week 10…

Joshua Dobbs issues a stunning statement as he speaks on Vikings win against Saints from Week 10

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs on Vikings win against the New Orleans Saints from Week 10.


Joshua Dobbs Can Take the Vikings Higher.

Kirk Cousins gave Creed credit for the Minnesota Vikings’ scrappy 19-13 win in Chicago, which kicked off their five-game win streak. He gave them another shoutout after Minnesota’s 22-17 Monday night win over the San Francisco 49ers the following week.

So naturally, the Vikings played “Higher” in the waning minutes of the first half in their 27-19 win over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

It was a fitting tribute to Cousins, only it was Joshua Dobbs under center for the second-straight week. Cousins ruptured his Achilles tendon on a non-contact play in Green Bay, and Jaren Hall got the start in Atlanta. But Hall suffered a concussion early last week’s game, and Dobbs took over. Now there’s no looking back.

The Vikings had traded for the journeyman quarterback at the deadline. Dobbs arrived in Minnesota on Tuesday and had to take command of an offense he had less than a week to learn. But Dobbs operated the offense with aplomb, leading the Vikings to a 31-28 victory in his hometown of Atlanta. Then he followed up that performance by going 23/34 for 268 yards and two touchdowns – one passing and another rushing.

Dobbs had the Vikings up 24-3 at halftime. Creed blared over the U.S. Bank Stadium loudspeakers, and the crowd kept singing “Higher” after the speakers shut off. It felt like an appropriate moment for Dobbs, who has a degree in aerospace engineering from Tennesee. Dobbs spent countless hours at Minnesota’s facility in Eagan learning the playbook and preparing for Sunday’s game.

“He was essentially living at the facility and going through his normal process while also allowing us to kind of show him how we do things,” said Kevin O’Connell. “How we try to, you know, enhance his ability to play fast while also giving him really good plays that he can be responsible for getting to one versus the other at the line, still using tempo, communicating the way he is.”


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