“I’ve spotted a big difference “: Insider explains one fascinating thing at Stoke City which bodes well for Alex Neil…

Alex Neil has revamped Stoke City’s squad this year, aiming for a well-balanced team in the competitive Championship. Facing Coventry this weekend, Stoke, much like other mid-table teams, strives for consistency and stability amidst the chaotic league.

Neil’s strategic approach, evident since the last international break, reveals a system with players showcasing their abilities. Notably, improvements were observed in the Leeds game, where Stoke’s defensive gaps were efficiently addressed—a sign of players working cohesively.

Stoke is evolving into a more organized and connected unit, exemplified by their performance against Middlesbrough and Cardiff. The team’s ability to adjust to various scenarios and stay compact is crucial in the dynamic Championship. As Stoke progresses, building an inner belief and collective strength becomes essential, aiming for a winning mentality.

The upcoming match against Coventry poses a challenge, considering the opponent’s desire to climb in the standings. Stoke must remain cautious yet confident, building on the positive momentum demonstrated in recent weeks.

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