Pathetic.”: Bills’ Boss slams at ‘worrying concern’ as he provides crucial updates after Bengals defeat…

The Buffalo Bills are one of the most dominant teams in the NFL when they’re playing at their best and they have the talent to legitimately contend in the AFC. But as head coach Sean McDermott points out, the team does have one major problem: inconsistency.

During his press conference this week, Sean McDermott discussed how the team’s inconsistent play cost them during this week’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

“Just too inconsistent overall,” McDermott said according to USA Today. “Not enough complementary football. Turned the ball over twice, I thought the defense got off to a slow start the first drive in particular. . . . Too much inconsistencies in the kicking game as well as just the offense overall. Some good plays and just not enough of them.”

The Bills got off to a strong start against the Bengals, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. But Buffalo slowed down, and Cincinnati eventually buried them.

“I thought we got off to a really good start in a rhythm and then after that, it was tough sledding,” McDermott said. “And that can’t happen against a good football team that is known for scoring points.”

We’ll have to see whether or not the Bills can overcome this struggle throughout the season.


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