“First in 70 years” :Football governance bill explained and King’s Speech impact on Stoke City FC…

The King’s Speech, marking the first in 70 years, will initiate the establishment of an independent regulator for English football. This regulator is expected to be confirmed in today’s King’s Speech, which includes various new bills, among them the Football Governance Bill.

While the bill enjoys broad support, there will be close scrutiny of the regulator’s legal powers. The independent regulator is a response to a fan-led review prompted by the attempted formation of a closed-shop European Super League by six Premier League clubs.


It aims to ensure the financial stability of clubs, with a focus on fan involvement, club heritage preservation, and the prevention of teams joining breakaway leagues. The EFL hopes this regulatory change will help address the wealth distribution issue in football.


This marks a significant moment for English football governance, with various stakeholders expressing their support for a fair, inclusive, and transparent approach to the sport. The King’s Speech will be delivered by King Charles III and is expected to introduce important legislative changes, including those related to football governance.


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