‘This is why I’ve been preparing and training very hard to get back to’-Deshaun Watson speaks on the 27-0 win over Arizona…

Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson took questions from reporters on Sunday from Cleveland Browns Stadium regarding the 27-0 win over Arizona, looking ahead to Baltimore, and more.

Below is the transcript as provided by the Browns media relations department:

“It feels good. This is what I’ve been preparing and training very hard to get back to. Just to get out there and play free and be able to be very close to myself and just go out there and compete and have fun with my teammates, and that’s what today brought.”

How do you feel coming out of it? And did you need to take a couple of those hits to feel like you were back to being healthy and good to go?

“Yeah, I mean, it’s part of football, so I didn’t want to go out there and like I said before, just play handicap or hold myself to a disadvantage because of an injury that I had before, so came out healthy. I feel good, and you just got to keep going and striving each and every day.”

Why not all the way? What’s missing?

“I’m not 100%. I just came from an injury, so yeah, I just miss whatever. I was 19 for 30, so I miss a couple of throws that I want, that I know I can make, and, yeah, we just got to keep striving, and I’m striving to get better each and every opportunity that I get.”

Amari (Cooper) said he thought you were back on that first throw. When did you feel like you were at least back in terms of within the context of the day?

“Probably Monday or Tuesday.”

You took off in that third down run, 13 yards, and your single first down. Did you know then that you run the ball like you have in the past?

“No. I knew I was going to be able to have opportunities to use my feet and run the ball, but if I don’t have to a couple of times, I just toss it to Jerome (Ford) and let him run it. So, it’s best for them to be able to get the ball in their hands and make plays. That’s what their skill positions are for. So instead of me taking off, I just give it to them and then whenever I need to, I can do that, too.”

How much confidence did you get when you let it rip on that 59 yarder to Amari (Cooper) and your arm held up and it went where it was supposed to? What kind of a confidence boost was that for you?

“It wasn’t really a confidence boost. I already knew I can do that. So, like I said before, I’ve been preparing for the last six weeks to come out here and try to perform as best I can, and that’s how it was. I just stayed the course, blocked out the noise, and I know my body and I know the training staff and the medical protocols that we went through to get back to the stage.”

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