Bills v Bengals: NFL Pundits outlines key reasons why upcoming playoff rematch is crucial to win…

Josh Allen vs. Joe Burrow debate

This has been a debate now for over a season, seeing as how both the Bills and Bengals have their franchise quarterback of the future. While Burrow has more of the clutch gene and is able to play with full confidence, Josh Allen presents the physicality to his game that causes nightmares for opposing defenses. The two quarterbacks have only played against each other once and it was Burrow who had the upper hand, while Allen the Buffalo offense heavily struggled to do anything.

While Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes is currently the best quarterback overall, it is up for a discussion for who will be the next quarterback to take down Mahomes. The difference between Burrow and Allen is that Burrow has already defeated Mahomes in a conference championship while Allen has lost twice to Kansas City.

In addition, Burrow has a playoff win over Allen as well. However, Allen provides more of a physical aspect of a game unlike Burrow. It goes back and forth between these two and this Sunday night game will be a true telling as to which quarterback has a true upper hand moving forward.


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