Saints Boss explains why £15m ace should not be overlooked by Southampton fans…

Southampton’s promotion hopes might just rely on one of the team’s most unsung stars.


Damar Hamlin’s inspiring recovery


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Paraphrase the article” ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — Whether he plays or not, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin says he has nothing to worry about in preparing to return to Cincinnati for a game against the Bengals on Sunday night so long as he stays true to himself.


Cincinnati might be where Hamlin nearly died after going into cardiac arrest before being resuscitated on the field on Jan. 2. What’s more significant some 10 months later is how the place and the experience have come to represent where the next chapter of his life began.


If there’s one thing Hamlin learned during his recovery — and courageous bid to resume his career — is that he has the resolve to overcome just about anything.


“It’s a new life, a new mission that I’m cherishing. And it is unique, of course,” Hamlin told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “I’m super thrilled. I’m super excited. I’m a thousand emotions. I’m every emotion, all the good ones and the bad ones. But there’s strength in that,” he added. “And I think there’s strength in walking through the fire, and walking into your fears.”


Hamlin then put aside whatever personal emotions he might be experiencing, and turned the attention to his team.


“My focus is on getting a win,” he said. “That’s going to be my message to all of my teammates.”


It’s no coincidence Hamlin is focused on winning. The first words out of his mouth after being awakened from a medically induced coma in a Cincinnati hospital were, “Did we win?”


It’s unlikely Hamlin — who missed practice Wednesday due to an illness — will suit up Sunday. He’s been a healthy inactive for all but one of Buffalo’s first eight games since he’s last on the team’s safety depth chart.


No matter his role, the Bills continue to take their cues from Hamlin. The third-year player has shown no signs of trepidation since being cleared for contact in April before finally making the Bills’ 53-player roster in August.


“My approach is just another game, honestly,” said cornerback Dane Jackson, who has known Hamlin since the two were growing up in Pittsburgh. “If he’s in a good headspace, and he wants right for everything — it happened to him not us. I mean, we experienced it, but as long as he’s good, I’m good.”


Safety Micah Hyde said Hamlin has motivated the entire team.


“His mindset all around is truly inspiring,” Hyde said. “I’m excited for him. And it’ll be good for our team to get back there and get back on the field obviously for D-Ham’s sake, but even the guys that attended that game last year.”

The 25-year-old Hamlin’s journey is coming full-circle with Buffalo’s first return to Cincinnati since he collapsed after making what appeared to be a routine tackle.


Hamlin’s heart stopped as a result of commotio cordis, which happens when a direct blow at a specific point in a heartbeat causes cardiac arrest. Doctors have assured Hamlin he can resume playing without any fear of setbacks or reoccurrence.


Hamlin acknowledged his journey hasn’t been easy, especially given the attention focused on someone who wasn’t accustomed to the spotlight growing up in the Pittsburgh exurb of McKees Rock.


“As much as I want to be a superstar, man, I don’t like the spotlight. I don’t like all the attention that comes with it, positive or negative,” he said. “But I’m here standing in front of it and I’m leading the charge, and I’m super excited to continue to do that.”


Hamlin spoke to the AP while promoting a new partnership with Abbott, a global healthcare company, which is launching a program called HeartMates. The initiative will provide survivors of heart-related issues a safe space to share their emotions, to receive emotional support and connect with others who have had similar experiences.


The ability to lean on others and voice his emotions is something Hamlin found beneficial, whether it’s sharing with friends and family or speaking to crowds at one of his many charitable events — including a stop in Cincinnati last summer — to hand out automated external defibrillators and promote CPR training.


“It’s a lonely journey going through things like this, and I’m speaking from experience,” Hamlin said. “Just having that little outlet of just allowing to release and express yourself, it’ll empty the stress cup just a little bit.”


He’s not been afraid to show vulnerability, acknowledging he had feelings of trepidation in the days leading up to his first practice in pads at training camp in July. And he credits the support he’s received from his family and teammates.


“I haven’t had all the answers throughout this process,” Hamlin said. “All I’ve been doing is just keep putting my right foot in front of the left, and just keep being who I am.”



ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — Regardless of whether he participates, Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills safety, is confident about returning to Cincinnati for a game against the Bengals on Sunday night, as long as he remains true to himself. Cincinnati is the place where Hamlin faced a life-threatening cardiac arrest incident on the field in January, and now, nearly 10 months later, it represents the start of a new chapter in his life. Through his recovery and determination to resume his career, Hamlin has learned that he can overcome almost anything.


Speaking to The Associated Press, Hamlin expressed his excitement and the mix of emotions he’s feeling about this new phase in his life. He emphasized the strength that comes from facing challenges and fears.


Although Hamlin may not play on Sunday and missed practice due to illness, he remains focused on helping his team win. His commitment to victory is rooted in his first words after waking up from a coma in Cincinnati, which were, “Did we win?”


Despite his limited playing time this season, Hamlin’s influence on the Bills remains significant. His teammates draw motivation and inspiration from his remarkable mindset.


Damar Hamlin’s journey comes full circle as Buffalo returns to Cincinnati for the first time since his collapse due to a cardiac event. He suffered from commotio cordis, but doctors have assured him that he can play without fear of a recurrence.


Hamlin acknowledges the challenges he has faced in the spotlight, despite not being accustomed to it while growing up in Pittsburgh. He discussed a new partnership with Abbott, a global healthcare company, and the launch of the HeartMates program, which provides support and a platform for survivors of heart-related issues to share their experiences and emotions.


Hamlin’s ability to share his vulnerability and lean on others for support has been a crucial part of his journey. He values the outlet to express himself and the support of his family and teammates.


In summary, Damar Hamlin is on a unique journey of recovery and resilience, finding strength in facing adversity and using his experience to support others with heart-related issues. His focus remains on the team’s success, and he continues to inspire his teammates with his remarkable mindset.






Paraphrase the article ” Southampton’s Armstrong reveals what has given him ‘nice feeling’

OFTEN alluded to recently, Stuart Armstrong was one of a majority of Saints players who did not take much enjoyment out of recent seasons.




Stuart Armstrong of Southampton has recently disclosed the source of his newfound satisfaction, frequently mentioned as of late. Like many of his fellow Saints players, Armstrong did not experience much enjoyment in past seasons.






Paraphrase the article” Russell Martin was placed in charge of Southampton in the summer with the task of bringing the club straight back up to the Premier League.


But the former Swansea City boss was also hired for the attractive, attacking style of play that he deployed during his time in south Wales.


With the greater resources of a team like Southampton, it was hoped he could start overseeing more consistent results and lead the Saints back to the top flight.


Martin’s side is currently fourth in the second division standings, and looks more than capable of earning a top six finish this year.


Who is an unsung hero of Southampton’s season?


While he may be the team’s top scorer, Adam Armstrong still seems like a forgotten man at Southampton.


The forward arrived for a reported £15 million fee in the summer of 2021, and struggled to live up to the price tag as he delivered two underwhelming seasons in the top flight.


But he is finally delivering consistent goals.


Not only that, but he is also proving a solid creative outlet, providing two assists.


His versatility is also becoming a huge asset for Martin, with the forward capable of playing out wide, as well as centrally, and his leadership qualities are obvious having captained the side this season.


Given the injury to Ross Stewart, and Che Adams’ own inconsistency in front of goal, the 26-year-old could prove the most crucial figure of all in the team’s promotion push.


A tally of eight goals from 14 appearances puts him second in the entire division in the goal scoring charts.


If he can maintain this level of form then he will no doubt hit the 20-goal mark, which any club fighting for promotion needs in their squad.


It is not often a side’s top goal scorer feels overlooked, but with so much emphasis on midfield and improving the defence, it can feel like Armstrong doesn’t usually get the credit his current form deserves.


Even FLW’s Southampton fan pundit Martin Sanders hasn’t quite given him the credit he potentially deserves, having criticised parts of his performance against Birmingham City despite contributing a goal and assist in a 3-1 win last weekend.


“I don’t think I’d be wrong in saying I don’t think he was outstanding at the weekend,” Sanders told Football League World.


“I think he did well.


“Sometimes when the ball went into him, I think the play broke down a little bit, his touch can be a bit heavy, but he did set the first goal up for Taylor Harwood-Bellis, and obviously he got the goal late as well.


“He’s wearing the captain’s armband.


“He works really, really hard.”



Russell Martin took over the reins at Southampton in the summer, entrusted with the mission of guiding the club back to the Premier League while implementing an attractive and attacking style of play, which he had previously demonstrated during his tenure at Swansea City. Southampton, with its greater resources, hoped for more consistent results and a return to the top flight under his leadership.


As things stand, Martin’s team currently holds fourth place in the second division standings and appears well-equipped to secure a top-six finish this season.


One of the unsung heroes of Southampton’s season is Adam Armstrong, despite being the team’s top scorer. Signed for a reported £15 million in the summer of 2021, Armstrong initially struggled to justify his price tag during two underwhelming seasons in the Premier League. However, he has now found consistency in scoring goals and has also become a valuable creative asset with two assists to his name.


Armstrong’s versatility, being able to play both out wide and centrally, and his leadership qualities, having captained the side this season, make him a crucial figure for Martin’s team. With injuries to Ross Stewart and inconsistency in Che Adams’ goal-scoring, the 26-year-old could become the most important player in the team’s promotion push.

Having scored eight goals in 14 appearances, he currently ranks second in the goal-scoring charts for the entire division. If he can maintain this level of performance, he is on track to reach the 20-goal mark, a crucial asset for any club aiming for promotion.

Despite being the top goal-scorer, Armstrong often feels overlooked, with more focus on midfield and defensive improvements. Even the Southampton fan pundit, Martin Sanders, hasn’t always given him the credit he deserves, noting areas for improvement in his performance, despite his goal and assist contribution in a recent 3-1 win against Birmingham City.

Sanders mentioned, “I don’t think I’d be wrong in saying I don’t think he was outstanding at the weekend,” but also acknowledged Armstrong’s hard work and his role as captain.

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