Full details why Bills’ Hamlin expects to be excited and emotional in return to Cincinnati

Regardless of whether he participates, Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills safety, is confident about returning to Cincinnati for a game against the Bengals on Sunday night, as long as he remains true to himself. Cincinnati is the place where Hamlin faced a life-threatening cardiac arrest incident on the field in January, and now, nearly 10 months later, it represents the start of a new chapter in his life. Through his recovery and determination to resume his career, Hamlin has learned that he can overcome almost anything.

Speaking to The Associated Press, Hamlin expressed his excitement and the mix of emotions he’s feeling about this new phase in his life. He emphasized the strength that comes from facing challenges and fears.

Although Hamlin may not play on Sunday and missed practice due to illness, he remains focused on helping his team win. His commitment to victory is rooted in his first words after waking up from a coma in Cincinnati, which were, “Did we win?”

Despite his limited playing time this season, Hamlin’s influence on the Bills remains significant. His teammates draw motivation and inspiration from his remarkable mindset.

Damar Hamlin’s journey comes full circle as Buffalo returns to Cincinnati for the first time since his collapse due to a cardiac event. He suffered from commotio cordis, but doctors have assured him that he can play without fear of a recurrence.

Hamlin acknowledges the challenges he has faced in the spotlight, despite not being accustomed to it while growing up in Pittsburgh. He discussed a new partnership with Abbott, a global healthcare company, and the launch of the HeartMates program, which provides support and a platform for survivors of heart-related issues to share their experiences and emotions.


Hamlin’s ability to share his vulnerability and lean on others for support has been a crucial part of his journey. He values the outlet to express himself and the support of his family and teammates.

In summary, Damar Hamlin is on a unique journey of recovery and resilience, finding strength in facing adversity and using his experience to support others with heart-related issues. His focus remains on the team’s success, and he continues to inspire his teammates with his remarkable mindset.






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