“Amazing” :Leonard Fournette issues a funny comment as he responds to fans reactions about his first instance with the Bills…

For years, the Buffalo Bills have grappled with an imbalanced offense. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs have been the primary contributors to the team’s offensive output. While they’ve demonstrated their ability to carry the offense, it’s crucial for all teams to establish a running game for postseason success.

Due to uncertainty surrounding Damien Harris’ neck injury, the Bills turned to veteran running back Leonard Fournette, who was a free agent after being released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fournette brings the Bills something they’ve been missing for a while: a physical and substantial presence in the running game. The 33-year-old Latavius Murray can only provide so much at this stage of his career.

Nevertheless, it will take some time for fans to get accustomed to seeing Fournette in Bills attire, which is why they took to Twitter to share their reactions to the first images of him in his new uniform.

Sean McDermott now has a between-the-tackles runner ready to pound his way down the field, especially in goal-line and third-down situations.

James Cook will continue to be the starter, as he should, but Fournette will give him a much better backup than he has right now.

Murray has been on the field often in third-down situations because of his pass-protection, which is another aspect in which Fournette should come in handy.

Perhaps this move doesn’t move the needle all that much on paper, but he could be the missing piece they craved for years.

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