The Texans HC names the one thing he considers worse than the Houston Texans losing a game as he responds to fans’ criticism…


There will be plenty to say about the Houston Texans allowing the Carolina Panthers to get their first win yesterday. C.J. Stroud struggled to get the offense moving. Dameon Pierce struggled to get the ball moving. In fact, other than Cameron Johnson’s record setting punt, there’s not much good to say about it.



But, even if the Texans lost 72-0 it wouldn’t compare to the disgusting travesty that occurred in Tennessee yesterday.

J.J. Watt

Having lived in Houston for 10 years and the people there and the connection that they have to Earl Campbell, to Warren Moon, these guys that wore those uniforms and what that meant when they played at the Astrodome. I lived and played in Houston and I wanted to wear those jerseys very badly. It hurts to not have been able to wear those in Houston and it hurts to see them being worn somewhere else.

Another former Texans great, DeAndre Hopkins, apparently didn’t have any issues with wearing them in Tennessee…


But, BESFs gonna BESF…

However, no matter what they do in “Sad that we can’t create our own legacy and have to steal one from H-Town” Ville, they’ll never have this:



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