Browns HC issues positive updates on QB Deshaun Watson’s injury state and reveals when he’s Expected to be Back …


Browns QB Deshaun Watson admits he ‘wasn’t ready’ to return in Week 7, hopes to play again ‘as soon as possible’…


Deshaun Watson’s ongoing shoulder injury has left many people perplexed at different points in time. The injury will keep him out of the Browns’ game against the Seahawks on Sunday. However, unlike in previous weeks, Watson had another opportunity to discuss his situation, providing more insights into it since last week.

Specifically, Watson acknowledged that he might have hurried his return too soon when he came back for the Browns’ Week 7 victory over the Colts, only to leave the game prematurely under circumstances that were unclear at the time.

Watson commented, “I don’t know. The typical timeline for rotator cuff injuries is usually four to six weeks. I felt that I had a chance to play during the week, right around the three-week to four-week mark. However, I lacked the necessary strength and other elements to play a full and complete game.”

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In reality, Watson did not complete a full game. He left the game in the first quarter after a significant hit that affected his shoulder. Although he was assessed for a concussion and cleared to continue after the play, he did not return. Head coach Kevin Stefanski informed reporters after the game that Watson was sidelined to “protect” him.

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