The secret is finally out if the Bengals want a shot at beating the 49ers,they must …

The Cincinnati Bengals are coming off a bye week and will travel to Santa Clara to face the San Francisco 49ers, who have lost their last two games. The Bengals are aiming to get above .500 with a win, while the 49ers are looking to avoid a third consecutive loss. To gain insights into the 49ers’ current situation, the author reached out to Peter Panacy from Niner Noise, a FanSided site dedicated to 49ers content. Peter highlighted that the 49ers have been struggling in the trenches during their recent losing streak, affecting both the run game and their quarterback’s protection.

The Bengals have been performing well on the defensive side of the trenches, which could pose a significant challenge for the 49ers’ offense, particularly their quarterback.

In the conversation, Peter pointed out that Ja’Marr Chase is a player on the Bengals’ roster who concerns 49ers fans the most. Even if the 49ers focus their defense on Chase, his presence on the field can create opportunities for other Bengals wide receivers like Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd.

When asked to describe how he thinks the game will go, Peter emphasized that it could be a game where running back Christian McCaffrey plays a crucial role. With the Bengals allowing 5 yards per carry, the 49ers might find success running the ball, and McCaffrey is known for taking over games.

Peter believes the 49ers will win if they perform better at the line of scrimmage. Their recent struggles have been linked to issues on both the offensive and defensive lines.

As for a score prediction, Peter expects the 49ers to win 24-17. The home-field advantage and the Bengals having to travel from the East Coast might work in favor of the 49ers.

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