“No group of supporters has ever embraced me as much” – The 37-year-old star sends a stunning message as he praises the strong affection from Crystal Palace fans…

The Brazilian midfielder, may not have had an extended stay at Crystal Palace, but he still holds a deep affection for the club. In a recent interview with ESPN Brasil, the recently retired player reminisced about his one-season stint at Selhurst Park.

Mortiz joined Crystal Palace in 2012 after becoming a free agent following his time with the Chinese team Mersin IY. During his sole year in London, the club won the Championship and earned promotion to the Premier League. He now expresses his profound gratitude for the remarkable support he received from Crystal Palace fans during that season.

“I have three jerseys that stand out in my career, representing the three main clubs I’ve played for: Fluminense, Avaí, and Crystal Palace. I have a tremendous affection for the club because no set of fans has ever embraced me, cheered me on, and appreciated me as much as the Crystal Palace fans,” André Mortiz conveyed to ESPN Brasil.

The former midfielder also discussed what left a lasting impression on him during his time at Crystal Palace. He was struck by the tremendous work ethic of the players at the club, which influenced his mentality throughout the rest of his career.

“I discovered that I had always been a dedicated professional who enjoyed training. But in England, training sessions began at 9 a.m., and when I arrived at 8 a.m., I found players in the gym. I thought, ‘This is unbelievable; tomorrow, I’ll get here at 7:30 a.m.’ When I did, I saw that half the team was already in the gym. I would arrive at 7 a.m. to have breakfast, head to the gym, and people were already there. And after training, there were additional sessions.

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“These players have lengthy football careers not only because of their natural talent, but also due to their unwavering dedication. In England, I learned that hard work and giving your all are paramount. That’s why players like Jedinak, Zaha, and even Joel Ward, who is now the captain, and used to be our right-back, have succeeded. Joel Ward and I were actually signed on the same day. I learned about professionalism, emphasizing the need to respect the club that pays your wages and understand what they expect from you – professionalism.”

Mortiz left Crystal Palace and transferred to Bolton in the summer of 2014. He subsequently played for various clubs, including Pohang Steelers, Mumbai City, Buriram United, Denizlispor, Avaí, Londrina, Confiança, and Hougang United, ultimately retiring at the beginning of this year.

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