‘I feel it’ –Birmingham City’s boss Rooney responds to fans criticism as he sends a stunning message ahead of Southampton clash…

Wayne Rooney, the manager of Birmingham City, has addressed the criticism his team has faced following a disappointing start to his tenure ahead of their upcoming clash with Southampton.

Under Rooney’s leadership, Birmingham City has suffered two consecutive defeats, a 1-0 loss to Middlesbrough and a 2-0 defeat at home against Hull City, causing them to slip from 6th to 12th place in the table. The frustration of the fans was evident as boos were heard at St Andrew’s after the Hull City game.

Rooney, speaking to Sky Sports, responded to this reaction by saying, “My message to the fans would be to be patient. I understand their frustration, especially after parting ways with a beloved manager who had stabilized the club. We need to focus on where we’re aiming to be, not where we are currently. Our ambition is to move the club forward and reshape its culture and identity.”

Rooney has been tasked with implementing a new style of play that emphasizes brave, attacking football, but he acknowledges that significant changes take time. He mentioned, “In the last two games, we’ve made progress in building up from the back. It’s a process of adjustment for me, and over January and the summer, we’ll gradually build our squad to match our vision. However, the current players also have a chance to demonstrate their commitment and abilities. We must improve our game management.”

It appears that Rooney will be given the opportunity to establish his philosophy, although it may require the January transfer window and possibly the summer to fully realize his vision. The pressure on Rooney will continue to grow if Birmingham City experiences a poor run of form leading up to January, and there’s no guarantee that he will remain in charge until the winter transfer window.

While it has been a challenging start, it is still early in Rooney’s tenure. The match against Southampton presents another tough challenge, but Southampton has shown vulnerability this season, offering some hope for Birmingham City.

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