“honest sentiment.” :West Brom’s boss Carlos Corberan responds to the boos from fans as he sends a stunning plea to fans and…

Carlos Corberan has responded to the boos from some West Brom fans, even though his team secured a positive result against Queens Park Rangers.

The Hawthorns crowd expressed their frustration during halftime due to the team’s lack of consistent goal-scoring, with consecutive goalless first halves against Plymouth and QPR triggering this negative reaction.

However, Corberan’s team went on to win 2-0, with Brandon Thomas-Asante and Grady Diangana scoring, ultimately silencing the negativity. In light of this, Corberan felt the need to acknowledge the fans’ concerns.

Speaking to the Express and Star on October 27, Corberan stated, “I always respect the opinions of the people who pay to come to the stadium. They have the right to express whether they are content with what they are witnessing or not. We acknowledged that there were things we needed to improve from the first half to the second half, and that’s what we attempted to do. I understand that the fans want to see more goals and more attacking play or something along those lines.”

“As a coach, I share the same desire, but sometimes it’s not as straightforward, and we need to address issues to achieve our desired style of play. However, the feeling I get from these fans is one of support, more than anything else. I am committed to giving our supporters the best, and that’s what I strive for every time I’m here, whether for a year or a week. I’m immensely proud to be at this club, and I couldn’t imagine a better place to work than West Bromwich Albion. That’s my genuine, honest sentiment.”

The West Brom team has faced challenges in scoring goals consistently, with injuries to key players like Josh Maja and Daryl Dike contributing to this frustration. Despite this, the fans need to stand behind the team and offer support even during tough times, as this can be a driving force in achieving victories.

West Brom: Carlos Corberan issues response to booing Albion fans

Corberan’s decision to focus on the positive aspects of the crowd’s support will benefit him and his squad. By seeking out the positives in a negative situation, it will help maintain their focus and motivation, rather than letting frustration set in. While goals may take time, considering the challenges off the pitch and in the summer transfer window, patience and understanding from the fans will be essential.

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