GM Chris Young explains how the Texas Rangers became World Series contenders …

The credit for the Texas Rangers’ historic journey to the World Series should not be attributed solely to their general manager, Chris Young, as he humbly deflects praise and emphasizes the collective effort. Young, who began his career with the Rangers and won a World Series with the Kansas City Royals in 2015, became the general manager in 2020, when the team was coming off several losing seasons. It was Young’s initial two seasons in charge that set the stage for this remarkable postseason run.

In his first week as general manager, Young orchestrated significant acquisitions, including Nathaniel Lowe and Dane Dunning. Dunning proved to be an invaluable, versatile pitcher, excelling in various roles and achieving career highs in wins, ERA, and innings pitched. Lowe, on the other hand, earned a Silver Slugger in 2022 and is a finalist for the Golden Glove award in his position.

The additions of Jonah Heim, Marcus Semien, and Corey Seager in 2021 also significantly bolstered the team. Each of these players earned All-Star selections and Golden Glove nominations, with Seager and Semien emerging as MVP candidates. However, Young is quick to acknowledge that the groundwork was laid before his tenure by individuals like former President of Baseball Operations Jon Daniels and ownership, notably Ray Davis.

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Daniels, for instance, drafted key players such as Evan Carter and Josh Jung and executed the trade for Adolis Garcia, who played a pivotal role in this season’s success. Ownership demonstrated their commitment by making substantial financial investments, signing Seager and Semien to half a billion dollars in contracts and inking Jacob deGrom to a massive $185 million deal.

Despite the high-profile acquisitions, Young emphasizes that the pressure to win has always been there, and the expectations of victory remain unchanged. Throughout the 2022 season, the Rangers demonstrated resilience, overcoming adversity and injuries, which, according to Young, defines this team’s character. He also attributes much of their success to the essential role played by manager Bruce Bochy, who instilled a strong belief in the team’s competitiveness during his introductory press conference. Young vividly recalls Bochy’s passionate declaration and the determined expressions on the players’ faces, which have been instrumental in the Rangers’ impressive journey to the World Series.

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