Bills’ HC Sean McDermot outlines 3 Big Takeaways From Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs. Buffalo Bills 

The Buffalo Bills secured a significant victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night, reinforcing their position in the AFC playoff race, even if they didn’t cover the spread. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers have now experienced back-to-back losses and find themselves with a sub-.500 record. Nevertheless, they remain viable contenders in the NFC playoff competition. Here are some of the most noteworthy takeaways from both teams:

  1. Josh Allen’s Ability to Engage All Players Heading into Thursday night’s game, the Buffalo Bills had concerns about several injuries, particularly impacting the tight end position. Dawson Knox was placed on injured reserve, set to miss at least the next four games following wrist surgery. Additionally, the Bills were without another tight end, Quintin Morris. Despite these setbacks, Josh Allen demonstrated that it didn’t hinder their performance. He effectively involved rookie tight end Dalton Kincaid, who contributed five receptions for 65 yards and a crucial touchdown reception, which made the difference in a six-point victory. With Knox sidelined for an extended period, it’s essential for Allen to continue integrating players like Kincaid into their games.
  2. Baker Mayfield Proves Himself as a Starting Quarterback Despite the Buccaneers’ loss, Baker Mayfield showcased his competence as an NFL quarterback, dispelling doubts about his impact with Tampa Bay, his fourth team in six years. He assumed a significant role, replacing the legendary Tom Brady at the start of the season, who had led the franchise to a Super Bowl victory. Mayfield exhibited sound ball security, avoiding interceptions and accumulating 237 passing yards with two touchdown passes in the game. While there may still be questions regarding Mayfield’s ability to guide the team to the playoffs, he has proven himself capable of maintaining a respectable offensive performance.
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Consistent Under Performance From a betting perspective, taking the Under in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game has been a reliable choice this season. Even with the late touchdown and two-point conversion by the Buccaneers, the Under remained successful in the latest game. The consistency of the Under’s success for Tampa Bay can be attributed to their average scoring of just 17.3 points per game and conceding only 18.3 points per game. Additionally, they lead the NFL in turnover differential, further contributing to their ability to limit opponents’ scoring and maintain low point totals.

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