Zac Taylor’s Bengals have lost the most win percentage by kicking in go situations…

Zac Taylor’s Bengals have faced significant challenges this season, primarily attributed to Joe Burrow’s calf injury and Tee Higgins’ sluggish performance. Another noteworthy issue contributing to their struggles is their inability to make the most of fourth-down situations. When it comes to kicking in these scenarios, the Bengals lead the league in terms of losing win percentage points.

To put it in perspective, Cincinnati forfeits approximately six percentage points per game by either punting the ball or attempting a field goal, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the next worst team, are only around four percent. However, it’s essential to note that merely going for it on fourth down isn’t a straightforward solution; one must also be able to convert these opportunities. The Bengals have struggled in this regard, which partly explains their tendency to opt for punts or field goals.

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Notably, the Bengals have one of the lowest rates of going for it on fourth downs, and their Expected Points Added (EPA) per play is also among the lowest in the league. As they prepare to face the formidable San Francisco 49ers, the question looms: can they improve their performance on fourth downs? To gain more insights into this matchup, watch our preview.

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