Rob Gronkowski sends a brutal message as he slams at Patriots players over silly conduct after Bills win…

Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski expressed his disapproval of how some New England Patriots players celebrated their upset victory over the Buffalo Bills on October 22. During an appearance on “Up & Adams” on October 25, Gronkowski remarked that the celebration appeared excessive, especially given that the Patriots were at a 2-5 record and situated at the bottom of the AFC East.

Gronkowski, a future Hall of Fame tight end who enjoyed significant success against the Bills throughout his career, believed that the team’s head coach, Bill Belichick, would have discouraged such behavior during his time with the Patriots.

Gronkowski stated, “In my opinion, that celebration was quite absurd. When we celebrated even a little, we faced criticism. They have just won one game and their celebration exceeded what we would do after winning a Super Bowl. It was one of the most excessive celebrations. It seemed like they had never experienced victory before.”

Gronkowski’s track record against the Bills was impressive, as he won 13 out of 15 games against them as a member of the Patriots and added another win while playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021. In those contests, which equate to a full NFL season, Gronkowski registered 120 receptions for 1,132 yards and 12 touchdowns.

While Gronkowski wasn’t particularly favored by Bills fans due to his past performances and success against the team, as well as a controversial hit on cornerback Tre’Davious White in 2017 that led to the only suspension of his career, he did express a desire to have played for the Bills at some point during his career, considering the team was his childhood favorite.

Gronkowski acknowledged, “In a way, yes, you know. That’s a dream come true, especially when you’re a kid. You definitely aspire to play for your hometown team because that’s the squad you’ve watched throughout your entire childhood.”

The loss to the Patriots was a setback for the Bills, but veteran defensive tackle Jordan Phillips emphasized the need for the team to adapt to being the target of their opponents’ efforts. He acknowledged that every team aims to beat them, and the Bills must avoid underperforming against different opponents.

Quarterback Josh Allen recognized that the team can learn from the loss to the Patriots and the struggles they faced in previous games. Slow starts have been a recurring issue, and they need to address the problem to get their season back on track.

Allen stated, “I wish I had the exact answer because we would have already fixed it. We’ll review the film and find a solution. Our season is far from over. Although it may seem bleak right now, it’s a long season, and we’ll find a way to overcome it.”

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