Nottingham Forest’s 29-year-old American star sends a remarkable response amid fans’ criticism over claims of his disappointing start to the season’s campaign…

Gustavo Scarpa, the Nottingham Forest midfielder currently on loan at Olympiacos, is drawing unfavorable reviews from the Greek media due to his disappointing performance. Since his transfer in the summer, Scarpa has only managed 319 minutes on the field, appearing in six matches, and notably, he has been omitted from their last three league fixtures.

Greek sports outlet SportDog has now featured a piece on the Nottingham Forest loanee, suggesting that his stay may not be tenable for much longer. They acknowledge Scarpa’s considerable talent but remark that he has experienced a decline in form since moving to England.

In light of reports indicating a possible return to Brazil, SportDog consulted journalist Yannis Douzgos to provide insights into the situation. It was proposed that Flamengo, among other clubs, could be interested in his services. Douzgos stated, “If there is no other development, he will end up at Palmeiras on loan or in a consortium sale – They can acquire him for two years, for example, and then consider a regular transfer. Flamengo could also be intrigued by his case, especially since Tite, their current head coach, was the one who initially brought Scarpa into the Brazilian national team. Flamengo, indeed, possesses the financial resources to invest in South American talent.”

Premier League: Nottingham Forest vence Southampton em estreia de Gustavo  Scarpa | Jovem Pan

Scarpa is under contract with Nottingham Forest until 2026, which presents the club with the challenge of finding a suitable resolution for his future next summer. The predicament lies in the fact that Scarpa had shown reluctance to return to Brazil during the last summer transfer window, so he will need to reconsider his options or explore opportunities in European football.

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