“Not Good Enough”: What’s Wrong With the Bills and Can It Be Fixed?

Despite possessing a franchise quarterback and a prime receiver, the Buffalo Bills have faced a rather unimpressive start to the season. They are currently 4-3, trailing the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East and just ahead of the New York Jets in the standings. While the Bills have the best point differential in the AFC, their playoff odds have dipped to 57.9%, leaving fans with uncertainty about their season.

Their offensive performance doesn’t raise significant concerns. The Bills are averaging 5.9 yards per play, ranking fourth in the league and showcasing consistency with previous seasons. They have an impressive 44.8% success rate, placing third in the NFL. Their success rate in both rushing and passing is well above the league average.

Josh Allen’s connection with Stefon Diggs remains strong, with Diggs among the top performers in various receiving statistics. Allen, as expected, has been an exceptional quarterback, utilizing his strong arm and exceptional field vision. However, his interception percentage could use some improvement.

The Bills’ offense has been efficient in the red zone and on third downs, leaving room for optimism.

On the defensive front, the Bills have faced challenges, particularly against the run. They’ve allowed significant yardage per rushing play and struggle to prevent big gains, despite frequently lining up with eight defenders in the box. Opposing running backs consistently gain yards before contact, making run defense a concern.

The pass defense is more robust, with a high sack rate and multiple players contributing to the pass rush. However, they’ve had some issues with run defense.

Special teams have posed a significant problem for the Bills, particularly in the loss to the New England Patriots. Missed field goals and punt coverage issues have led to negative expected points added figures for Buffalo. These shortcomings have played a decisive role in a few games.

The Bills remain competitive, but their three losses could impact their playoff positioning. Despite their solid offensive performance and a respectable defense, situational failures and special teams issues may require them to put in extra effort to achieve their goals.

In summary, the Bills face some challenges but have the potential to address them and remain competitive in the NFL.

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