A significant departure from Nottingham Forest has been officially confirmed, as the Englishman sends a heartfelt statement to Forest after an incredible stay at…

The latest news from NottinghamshireLive reports the exit of a prominent figure from the City Ground.

Tom Peacock, who assumed the role of the club’s head of partnerships in 2015, is set to leave his position. On LinkedIn, he shared his impending departure, expressing his deep sense of pride in successfully securing five shirt sponsorship agreements for the Reds.

In August, Nottingham Forest unveiled their most recent front-of-shirt deal, a two-year partnership with Kaiyun Sports.

Peacock remarked, “After an incredible 8 and a half years at Nottingham Forest FC, this week marks the conclusion of my tenure at the Club. I’m eagerly anticipating embarking on my upcoming challenge next month, but it’s incredibly difficult to fully encapsulate my experiences at NFFC since 2015.”

He continued, “From enduring the struggles of Championship relegation, witnessing ownership changes, and navigating the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, to savoring the triumph of Wembley Play-Off success and, ultimately, securing Premier League survival last season, it’s been a whirlwind journey.”

Peacock also took pride in his role in securing five Front-of-Shirt partnerships, as well as numerous other collaborations along the way. He expressed gratitude to all the partners who have collaborated closely with the club over the years.

He acknowledged the many colleagues and friends he had worked with at NFFC, mentioning the difficulties of individually acknowledging all of them. He mentioned that, as a young fan who attended NFFC games as a child and held a season ticket, he eagerly embraced the opportunity to work for the club he supported.

Concluding his statement, Peacock said, “I now look forward to commencing my new role and embarking on a fresh chapter! Come on you Reds!”


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