Nottingham Forest’s Owner officially Unveils Expanded Plans for Nigel Doughty Academy..

Nottingham Forest has submitted a fresh proposal to Rushcliffe Borough Council to further expand the Nigel Doughty Academy in West Bridgford, which has served as the club’s training ground for over two decades. In 2019, the club received approval to extend the first team building’s ground and first floors. However, a new application has been made to enlarge these extensions, now that the club has achieved Premier League status.

The extension plans for the first floor will remain unchanged, but the ground floor will be expanded to accommodate an even more extensive kitchen, improved mess facilities, and a recovery lounge for the first team players and staff. The club clarified in a statement within the planning application that this new application represents a relatively minor adjustment to the 2019 plans.

The statement explains, “As previously outlined, the club’s intention is not only to expand and enhance office and recovery spaces (as previously approved) but also to improve the kitchen and food preparation areas, along with a more spacious mess room for the First Team players and staff. This expanded space now incorporates lounge and relaxation areas, recognizing the increased rest time required at the training center as part of the players’ daily routine.”

The club’s efforts to secure Premier League status have been substantial, and with that achievement, they are committed to providing their players with the best possible facilities to maintain their status and strive for long-term success at the highest level, benefiting both themselves and the city.

These extended plans are just one part of the club’s ongoing improvements. In December 2021, they announced plans for a new two-story academy building, featuring amenities such as changing rooms, classrooms, a gym, physiotherapy facilities, an analysis suite, a guest parents’ lounge, and additional on-site parking. These plans were conditionally approved and subsequently met the specified conditions, as confirmed by the council in January this year. An amendment to these proposals was granted conditional approval in February.

Before the start of the club’s second season in the Premier League, broader enhancements were undertaken, including the construction of a new media suite and the refurbishment of changing rooms at the academy, as well as the addition of new analysis and nutrition facilities.

In September, club owner Evangelos Marinakis reaffirmed his commitment to the redevelopment plans for the City Ground. Currently, Nottingham Forest is positioned 15th in the Premier League standings, with their most recent win coming on September 2 against Chelsea. The team faces a challenging series of matches, including a match against Liverpool at Anfield on October 29.

The latest expansion plans have involved the services of respected architects Benoy. Tom Cartledge, a lifelong Forest fan and the CEO of Handley House Group, which includes Benoy, now serves as the Forest chairman, taking over from Nicholas Randall KC.

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