Ravens coach John Harbaugh reveals why Lamar Jackson was ‘not happy’ after dominating the Lions in…

The highly anticipated matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Detroit Lions, which was expected to be a closely contested battle, turned into a one-sided affair with the Ravens dominating the Lions. Lamar Jackson, in particular, had a standout performance, arguably his best of the season.

Following such a significant victory, one would assume the team would be filled with excitement. However, that wasn’t the case for Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. According to head coach John Harbaugh, Jackson appeared to be less than thrilled with the game’s outcome. Harbaugh mentioned that Jackson was focused on self-improvement and reflecting on areas where he could have performed better, as reported by Jamison Hensley of ESPN.

John Harbaugh said, “I don’t even think he’s that happy with the game. When I see him in the locker room right now, it’s not like he’s all giddy in there. He’s thinking about the plays that he could have had. He’s thinking about the plays he wants to get better at. That’s how all our guys are thinking right now. That’s how they should be thinking.”

Despite the Lions having a formidable defense this season, which includes standout edge rusher Aidan Hutchinson, Lamar Jackson neutralized their pass rush with his exceptional elusiveness. He demonstrated elite pocket presence and passing awareness, resulting in his second-best performance of the season in terms of passing yards (357 yards on 21-for-27 passing). Jackson continues to challenge the perception that he is a subpar passer, as he meticulously dismantled the Lions’ secondary with poise, even under pressure.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh reveals why Lamar Jackson was 'not happy' after  dominating Lions in Week 7

While regular season victories have become almost routine for the Ravens during the Lamar Jackson era, their real challenge lies in the playoffs. Baltimore has faced significant postseason struggles with Jackson as their quarterback. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Jackson is not content with regular season wins, as noted by his teammate Ronnie Stanley, who referred to Jackson’s determination to win a Super Bowl.

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