Bruce Bochy addresses controversial Max Scherzer start after Rangers’ ugly Game 3 loss to Astros …

Bruce Bochy’s handling of Max Scherzer’s controversial start in Game 3, following the Texas Rangers’ disappointing loss to the Houston Astros, has raised questions. The Rangers had acquired Scherzer in a trade with the New York Mets in August, hoping to utilize his talents in the postseason. However, Scherzer’s return from a shoulder injury was marred by struggles, as he could only pitch four innings, allowing five runs on five hits before being pulled by Bochy, resulting in a loss for the team.

These struggles naturally led to concerns about Scherzer’s health and whether the Rangers rushed him back into action. Some questioned Bochy’s decision to start Scherzer, given his extended absence and the rust that may have accumulated. Nevertheless, Bochy firmly defended his choice, stating that he would make the same decision again, emphasizing Scherzer’s readiness and the lack of regrets.

Bochy’s perspective on the matter underscores the importance of trusting the medical staff’s assessment and Scherzer’s own confidence in his ability to pitch. Regardless of the outcome, this decision-making process remains sound. The 8-5 loss to the Astros should not diminish the trust placed in Scherzer.

Furthermore, Scherzer’s four innings of play, despite the unfavorable outcome, provided the Rangers’ pitching staff with much-needed rest for the upcoming challenging games as they aim to thwart the Astros’ potential comeback in the ALCS.

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