Tyrese Haliburton’s struggles are officially concerning for the Indiana Pacers…

Tyrese Haliburton’s recent struggles have become a cause for concern for the Indiana Pacers. Since his hamstring injury, his performance on the court has noticeably declined, raising questions about his ability to maintain his previous level of play.

Haliburton, who was acquired by the Pacers in a trade, was initially seen as a key player for the team. His exceptional passing skills and unique shooting style made him a valuable asset. However, his recent performances have fallen short of expectations.

During the In-Season Tournament, Haliburton’s impressive performance surprised many, but Pacers fans were already aware of his capabilities. He demonstrated that he was an All-NBA caliber player. However, his injury on January 8th against the Celtics has affected his game.

Since returning from his injury, Haliburton has struggled to regain his form. In the six games played after the All-Star break, he has only made 9 out of 42 three-point attempts, a disappointing 21%. This includes going 0 for 13 in the last two games against the Pelicans and the Spurs. Before his injury, he was shooting over 40% from beyond the arc.

Haliburton’s poor shooting has affected the Pacers’ overall performance. Teams have started to focus on limiting his passing opportunities, knowing that his shooting has been unreliable. As a result, he has been held to under ten assists in three of the last four games, all of which were losses for the Pacers.

The timing of Haliburton’s shooting slump is unfortunate for the Pacers, as they have recently lost key players like Buddy Hield and Doug McDermott to injuries. With the team’s shooting capabilities compromised, Haliburton’s ability to break out of his slump will be crucial for the Pacers’ success.

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